Where can I buy traditional mochi?

This is a list of businesses that sell komochi, traditional plain, non-sugared, round-shaped mochi. This is used in ozoni, toasted and eaten plain, or with flavorings. Fresh mochi can be eaten fresh, right after being pounded, when it’s warm. Once it’s cooled, it is re-heated in a pan or microwave, to soften the rice. Frozen, it can keep for months.

(Mochi is the rice, it’s not the combination of rice and ice cream. Mochi ice cream was invented by Mikawaya in Los Angeles. Mochi with sugar and sweet fillings are called “mochigashi” which translates to “mochi candy”. Mochigashi is also called “manju”, the etymology which probably relates to Korean “mandu”, a filled wrapper “dumpling”.)

I’m compiling this list for people who are distant from one of the handful of areas with Japanese folks.

If you want your business to be included on this list, or have a link added to your website, contact me here.


Fugetsu-do, Los Angeles

Chikara Mochi, Gardena

Shuei-do, San Jose

Osaka-ya, Sacramento


(Come on. You can go to any supermarket.)

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