Refactoring as Part of Porting PHP4 to PHP7

I’m writing this pretty late, after a night of coding.

The LA IMC software port went kind of okay, but also kind of screwed up. There are a bunch of bugs popping up, but that was expected.

The first bug was simple: some of the code was still using the old classes, and some of the code was using the new classes. I had to search through the code to find out why this was happening, mainly by looking at the code.
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Application State Study (Hamurabi Port)

I had to drop out for a month to deal with taxes and keep porting this site.  I’m catching up, and this article is a meandering mess that goes nowhere, so, if you value your time, don’t even read it.

I was porting the Hamurabi code to run with React, built the UI, and got a little confused about where to keep game state. Many coders seem to have this problem, according to the tutorials.

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