Netgear GS108T VLANs

When you reset the 108T, the system creates three default VLANs.

This isn’t some kind of industry standard – it’s a netgear non-feature, and we have to live with it. So going forward, I’m not going to make any vlans for 2 and 3. We may end up using these for voip, anyway. There’s a lot to be said for built-in features that are supported, and so far, my experience with netgear voip support has been okay.
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Make Meme/LOLCats Text with the GIMP

This tutorial explains how to make the “LOLCats” or “Meme” font so popular with the kids today. You can see a lot of these on the 4Chan /b/ channel, but don’t go there if you have any illusions that our society isn’t full of degenerates. The meme font is Impact Condensed, but to get the right “look”, you need to create a black outline around the regular font letters. Continue reading Make Meme/LOLCats Text with the GIMP

RAID 5 Parity. What is it, and how does it work?

One morning, I started wondering how RAID 5 parity works to rebuild a disk array. It seemed “magical” to me, that you can get redundancy and still use most of your disk capacity. So I searched for it… and turned up not very much info, and one other person’s unanswered question. A few articles explained it, but in a little more detail about performance, and less detail about the actual parity function. This article attempts to fill the gap.

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Help Speed Up a MySQL Query by Helping the Optimizer

Here’s a noob-to-noob optimization trick. Suppose you have a database table with, say, 200,000 records, and you regularly select on multiple criteria. The rule for selection is to put the most specific WHERE clause first, and the least specific last. The goal is to cut down the search set to something small, and then search through the smaller set. Get all the queries using this order, then create a composite index over the keys to speed up the search even more. Continue reading Help Speed Up a MySQL Query by Helping the Optimizer