1. [R] Learning the Facebook API

2. [R] Haskell Learning Notes

3. [R] Haskell Notes 2

4. [R] Haskell Name Game

5. [R] Comparison Shopping for Toilet Paper, in multiple computer languages.

6. [R] An Idea for More Memorable Identicons

7. [R] Postfix Config on Debian Ubuntu Linux to get past my uptight Spamassassin filters

8. [R] What is Dependency Injection?

9. [R] WordPress wp-signup headaches, and refactoring.

10. [R] Parallax Effect

11. [R] How many steps are there in a simple user registration and login?

12. [R] Browserify libraries that can be tested with Jasmine... before they are rolled up by Browserify

13. [R] DOM tests in Jasmine

14. [R] Notes on migrating to a contemporary javascript development environment

15. [R] Translating Angular Events into D3 Events

16. [R] Some Parse.com Cloud Code Gotchas

17. [R] Python Packaging, Development, Git, and an Epiphany about Contemporary Development

18. [R] Testing Angular Promises and the $http XHR Service with Jasmine

19. [R] A Volunteer Sign-In Tool

20. [R] Javascript Method Chaining, aka Fluent Interface

21. [R] Problems Injecting DOM Elements from Angular Views into D3 Objects

22. [R] Angular $q Promise Gotchas

23. [R] Configuring Git to use Your SSH Keys

24. [R] devpi on Apache, with daemontools / supervise

25. [R] local-npm with daemontools

26. [R] Adding SSL to the Proxy in Front of devpi

27. [R] Learning to Install MongoDB

28. [R] failed with not authorized on admin to execute command { replSetHeartbeat

29. [R] ERROR 1698 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

30. [R] Including GitHub Source Code into Markdown with a Preprocessor

31. [R] Adventures in Screenshotting

32. [R] Review: MX Guarddog

33. [R] CSS Font and Style Switcher (jQuery)

34. [R] Faster Mobile Web Apps with Offline-First

35. [R] Export eBay Active Listings as Text (csv)

36. [R] Greasemonkey/ Tampermoney Ebay Seller Script to Filter Active Listings

37. [R] filter_var? filter_input? No, Use Filter Input Array.

38. [R] Yet Another Parallax Effect, but this one wastes fewer pixels.

39. [R] Careful File Copy

40. [R] Part 2: a VB.NET Version of this Project

41. [R] Some COM and .NET Notes

42. [R] A Safer Way to Copy a Directory

43. [R] Participate: Social Networking Software

44. [R] Daylight Savings Time Misconfigurations between Computers Can Lead to Cumulative Data Errors

45. [R] TXTMOB for Web Hosts (project)

46. [R] Vi and Vim, Macros

47. [R] Testing for Hack Scripts, Scan Your Uploads

48. [R] Keyword Analysis or Discovery (a first try)

49. [R] PHPList Tweak for Plain Text Version of HTML Mail

50. [R] Image with Transparent Caption

51. [R] Decoding gzinflate base64_decode

52. [R] Mass Convert IP Addresses to Domain Names with a Filter

53. [R] A Demo of Transmitting Passwords Encrypted

54. [R] Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), getting with the program.

55. [R] Headaches from Configuring Authentication and Encryption for Unix MTAs

56. [R] 2:13-cv-2326 Rodrick Rickert v. Kurt Francis (and John Kawakami, LA Indymedia et. al.)

57. [R] Angular Service and Factory

58. [R] Archives and Archiving Files and Documents

59. [R] Arrays and References Gotcha, Array Passed by Value Behaves Like Array Passed by Reference

60. [R] Associative Array (Hash) Tricks in PHP

61. [R] 0xe0008497 - Incremental and differential backups are not possible because Microsoft Exchange is configured for circular logging

62. [R] The TDD/BDD Religion, Getting The

63. [R] Be Specific; The Inner Platform Effect

64. [R] Benchmarking String Function to camelCase

65. [R] Bookmarklet to Mass-Unfollow Twitter Users

66. [R] Button to Scroll to Top of the Page

67. [R] Buttons vs. Links, and how to make buttons that look like links, and act like links, but aren't links.

68. [R] CakePHP Dates are Nice

69. [R] Calculating the Best Price for Toilet Paper

70. [R] Change Web Host Company Without Downtime (Linux or BSD oriented)

71. [R] Class Autoloading, Namespaces, PSR-0 and Acting Like Java

72. [R] Cloud Computing Costs

73. [R] Cloud Storage Reviews Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud

74. [R] Common MIME Types, in PHP

75. [R] Computer Professional Overtime Exemption

76. [R] Conditional IF statements in DOS batch files (BAT) and a little GOTO

77. [R] Control Ingress (incoming) bandwidth... with Bittorrent and others

78. [R] Convert Text to HTML PHP Function

79. [R] Convert Web Pages into Kindle "Books" (Documents)

80. [R] Converting Time or Datetime to UTC in Python

81. [R] CORS, Angular JS, and Parse.com, together, didn't let me login twice.

82. [R] Courier IMAP and POP3D Certificate Chains in PEM files

83. [R] Craigslist Independent Contractor Jobs and Employee Status

84. [R] Creating Email Messages with Clickable Links that Add Events to Your Calendar

85. [R] CSS Animations via Styles (similar to jQuery animations)

86. [R] CSS Animations via Transitions

87. [R] CSS Animations using Transitions with Conditional CSS, Stacked Rectangles

88. [R] CSS Hints for Technoids Who Forgot to Learn CSS

89. [R] What Many Other Books Don't Tell You about CSS

90. [R] CSS Stylesheet Switcher Widget

91. [R] CSV Files, Comma Separated Values

92. [R] A CSV Reader for UTF-8 Files

93. [R] D-Link Switch Power Adapter Barrel Size

94. [R] One Event Bus to Rule Them All! d3 dispatch, the d3 event system, notes

95. [R] Caching Data for AJAX with Javascript

96. [R] def fn(arg1,x=arg2,y=10,*args,**kwargs): GO PYTHON!

97. [R] Deliverability Blues 2013

98. [R] Demo of rotating an element to make a "dial" or "knob" ui element

99. [R] DIY Notes

100. [R] Does software get old and wear out?

101. [R] MS Outlook: Dumping MIME EML Email Files for Spamassassin Training

102. [R] Dusting Off Coroutines

103. [R] EasyCZ Button Switchboard

104. [R] Evaluation and Variables

105. [R] External Hard Drive Backup Tips

106. [R] File naming convention with dates

107. [R] File naming conventions for routing documents past multiple editors

108. [R] File naming conventions for websites

109. [R] File Sync and Share and File Server Terminology Clashes

110. [R] Finding anagrams in a list

111. [R] Fixing Phone Numbers so they Fit a Common Format

112. [R] Formatting Mobile HTML Email

113. [R] FreeDOS Boot USB Flash Memory Stick

114. [R] Freenet Freemail with Stunnel and Thunderbird

115. [R] I Was Robbed of Bitcoins at MtGox: Good Passwords and Site Trust

116. [R] Got Semi-Scammed by Discount SSL Vendor Comodo with "PositiveSSL CA 2"

117. [R] g_signal_connect_data instead of g_signal_connect_object, because GHashTable is not a GObject

118. [R] Hacker Scripts Decoded: eval gzunzip base64_encode str_rot13

119. [R] MicroSIP Phone Audio Setup Weirdness with Different Headsets

120. [R] Hierarchical Report Generator for CakePHP

121. [R] How Much Money Can You Save on Gas by Riding the Bus?

122. [R] How to use Tags or Ctags to Browse Code with Vim

123. [R] HOWTO: An EXIM + Spamassassin Mail Filter

124. [R] Classes to Create htdigest and htaccess Files

125. [R] The "Impossible" Dream: Formatting Email So It Looks the Same on All the Clients and Browsers

126. [R] Cleanup Your HTML: A Tag Closing Function

127. [R] Information Technology Workers: an IT Labor Union?

128. [R] Installing R Packages Globally (for rApache)

129. [R] Instant Cross-Domain Access for Everyone with CORS in PHP

130. [R] Interstitial Ad in jQuery

131. [R] Japanese American Interment During World War 2

132. [R] Cast any Javascript Value to a Boolean with Double Exclamation

133. [R] Javascript Functions and Closures for Private Properties

134. [R] Javascript Notebook

135. [R] Making Some Promises (in Parse, but also relevant to jQuery and Backbone)

136. [R] Kindle Tricks (Linux)

137. [R] Password Management and Two Factor Authentication: LastPass and Yubikey

138. [R] LastPass Rocks

139. [R] Chant Down Babylon! Character Set Conversion from Latin-1 ISO-8859-1 cp1252 to UTF-8

140. [R] Shared Memory Example

141. [R] LibreOffice is a Faster Tool to Load Excel Data into an SQL Database

142. [R] Log Everything: Send Shell Commands to Syslog

143. [R] Improved Logging for Very Slow SQL Queries: add Backtraces

144. [R] Long Delay in Receiving Email from Gmail

145. [R] A Long Explanation of Character Encodings and UTF-8 and the IMC Software

146. [R] Mailman SMTPDirect SMTP session failure: 530, Authorization required

147. [R] Migrating Addresses from Qmail to Postfix

148. [R] Migrating with Data...

149. [R] Mini-HOWTO: mini_snmpd, a small snmpd for embedded systems like OpenWrt

150. [R] Model PHP Script Example: writing relatively safe web forms

151. [R] More on Iterators and Iteration

152. [R] More VBA Sample Code

153. [R] Move Files into a Directory Named for the Modification Date

154. [R] AngularJS Directive: Stretchdown - stretches an element to the bottom of the window.

155. [R] Help Speed Up a MySQL Query by Helping the Optimizer

156. [R] Nesting Angular Directives

157. [R] North Carolina Judge Expands definition of "Computer Professional" to Include Admins

158. [R] Note on Migrating from Qmail to Postfix

159. [R] Object-Oriented Parser for iCalendar

160. [R] OpenWRT Router IP Exposure Script

161. [R] How to SSH Tunnel to a Remote MySQL Server with Python

162. [R] An Outlook Script to Save Spam for Training Spamassassin

163. [R] Generate a Page of Random Passwords with Javascript

164. [R] Password Quality Evaluators Rendered Almost Useless

165. [R] That 70s Computer: The People's Computer Company

166. [R] PHP Runs an Old Version of PCRE Causing Problems with Drupal and MediaWiki

167. [R] Perl Mechanize Screen Scraper Makes it Easy to Copy Data from Web Pages

168. [R] Photo Wall that Scrolls Forever Loading New Photos at Bottom

169. [R] PHP DOM to Implement a Form Class with Pure HTML Templates

170. [R] PHP Notebook

171. [R] Protect Your Website from Malicious Input: Validation with Filters

172. [R] PNG Colors are Wrong in Firefox (and how to deal with non-sRGB wide gamut monitors at work)

173. [R] How to Install Postfix on Ubuntu

174. [R] Preserving Your Users' Privacy

175. [R] Promises, promises (in Javascript)

176. [R] Epson Projector RS323 to Modular (RJ45) Adapter for a Serial Cable, aka a Null Modem

177. [R] Checklist of things to do Before Purchasing a SSL Certificate

178. [R] Python Cheatsheet

179. [R] Python Operator Overloading

180. [R] Python str.split, annoying design.

181. [R] R Database Connection Class in RS (R5 S5)

182. [R] Random Integers (J2ME)

183. [R] My Favorite Backup Device: Raspberry Pi NAS

184. [R] VI and Ctags Makes Browsing Code Easier

185. [R] Resolve IP Addresses to DNS Names

186. [R] Automatically Restart Apache when it Freezes

187. [R] Watchdog: Restarting WiFi on OpenWRT if the Link Goes Away

188. [R] Ribbon Toolbar Interface

189. [R] RIP Slaptech Framework

190. [R] Roff, Groff, and the Roots of Computer Typesetting

191. [R] Salsa Petition Counts with Scrapy the Python Web Scraper

192. [R] Schelling Segregation with Contrarian Integrationists

193. [R] Script to Compile Videos from JPGs Uploaded from Low-End IP Camera DLINK DCS-932L

194. [R] Script to set up Python virtualenv

195. [R] Script to Turn IP Camera Uploaded Images into Videos (Unix)

196. [R] Search and Replace in a MySQL Database after Moving a Site with WGET

197. [R] Security Logic Simplified into a Cheatsheet

198. [R] Migrate to a New Server for Exim4 + Spamassassin + ClamAV

199. [R] Breaking the Rules: Share Files with Computers not in Your Windows Domain

200. [R] Bash Shell Scripting Cheat Sheet

201. [R] A List of SQL Injection Attacks

202. [R] Strip Non-Numeric Characters from Data

203. [R] Supermicro Server Keeps Booting after 5 Minutes

204. [R] End the Chaos, Get with the Program: Python Logging to Syslog, and Filtering with RSyslog

205. [R] Terse Javascript Alternations, and the Frameworks' Problem with SQL

206. [R] Multiple Time Sheets - time tracking, invoicing, recordkeeping webapp

207. [R] Time Sheet Calculator

208. [R] TPCalc for Android

209. [R] Turn URLs into Links Without Affecting Existing Links (and a gripe about collective stupidity)

210. [R] Turning California WARN PDFs into Text

211. [R] An Unsafe Version of the PHP Example

212. [R] Using List Comprehensions in Python to Look at Lists of Objects

213. [R] Using Mutt to Read Spam and non-Spam Messages, and Train Spamassassin

214. [R] Create JavaScript Functions from Strings: Code Generation

215. [R] VBA: Transforming XML Error Messages into VBA Errors (Raising or Throwing Errors)

216. [R] VirtualBox OSE: can't find kernel driver, run modprobe vboxdrv

217. [R] w32tm reports the computer did not resync because no time data was available

218. [R] Wacky VBA, Bitchen PHP

219. [R] Windows: Migrate Files to a New Server, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2003

220. [R] Find Your Compromised Email Scripts: Wrapper to Execute sendmail (or qmail-inject) for Web Apps