Opening a Dozen Email Boxes? Use Mozilla Thunderbird (and Donate)

If you need to read through a lot of email addresses, try Thunderbird. I’ve had over ten addresses in it, and it works pretty well. It also has an RSS reader that I rarely use, but it’s there. It’s my preferred client, and after a lot of use, I finally donated to the project.

Update: Sales Slowdown

There was a sales slowdown on ebay. Partly, it’s seasonal – the summer is rough on sales – but the other thing that happened was that I had to clean out the garage of my late father’s hoard. This is taking a lot of work. It’s also far less profitable than reselling. Reselling was going to double monthly for a couple months, and I was looking at renting a storage space. Well, dehoarding is a lot different, and a whole different business model. Continue reading Update: Sales Slowdown