WP’s Backbone-like Templating Language

In yesterday’s post, I talked about fixing up old PHP code to be safer.

There’s another anti-pattern common in old PHP code, and that’s mixing the display logic with the output logic. While some of this is inevitable, nowadays, the rule is to use a templating system like Twig to separate out even small bits of HTML code from the logic.

WordPress does this on the front end via Underscore templates, but configured to use Handlebars-like syntax.

This is a PHP class that does the same thing with PHP. I wrote it so I could use the same, or similar, templates on both the client and server side.
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The New Site

I’ve been doing a lot of WP hacking, but my website was on a very old copy of Drupal (version 6!) so I thought it best to transition to using WP for my personal blog.

The old site is here.

They’re both good platforms, but the WP market just seems to be dominating, especially for lower-cost sites.

WP’s core code is still a maze.

Every time I get a grip on one part of the codebase, I go into another part, and it’s completely different.  The code quality has improved, though, so, it’s pleasant.