TXTMOB for Web Hosts (project)

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This is a hack of txtmob that's being developed to run on cheap web hosts.

So far, it'll let you send to the group via the web form, so it's suitable for a one-way, moderated list. Good for news.

The sms forwarding feature doesn't work, so, it's not able to do "real" txtmob yet. Maybe it will one day... This code is very alpha, and based on code from SourceForge, that was at version 0.14, so you know what you're getting :-)

I'm not forking the project. This is just a personal fork for personal use.

Fun Details, and Some Roadmapping

Cheap web hosts give you only one database, so you need to prefix the table names. This was done by altering the DDL, and by adding a wrapper function to mangle the SQL statements. Icky, but a pretty quick and flexible solution.

To make this work, it'll require some downgrading, like rewriting the multithreaded, java-based mailer into something in PHP, or as a cron that a web host (that allows crons) would run. Also, the system might be able to use POP3 email boxes to get replies. Overall, an uncool way to do things, but one which works with commodity hosting.

It wouldn't scale up, but, if you just want to host a dozen groups, it's no big deal.

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