Participate: Social Networking Software

This is a social network that was written back around 2004. My friends were doing a distributed anti-war protest. It was basically not that well attended, because people weren't really aware that the President was a liar, and that he would eventually suspend habeas corpus. On top of that, it was in competition with another demo, and that really killed it. The software did so-so, but it got taken down after the demos, because I got paranoid about the cops subpoenaing the entire database.

Also, the software was kind of hard to use. A lot of features were basically implicit, and you had to be pretty savvy to "get" it. Still, a lot of Friendster features were ripped off, and a couple features, like the double-blind email-based contact system were cool.

This software is provided for study. If you want to run it, you'll have to dig into the classes/ directory, and change the db passwords. You'll also have to load up setupdb.mysql into your database. It wasn't ever packaged up for distro.

The old site is still up for perusal at

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