Time Sheet Calculator

This script turned into the Multiple Time Sheets program. It's a calculator for time intervals in javascript.

Javascript Timesheet Calculator

This page reads your timesheet, which you paste in below, and adds up your hours. It's designed to work with somewhat organized data, in a format that I've used for years.

Do not type your timesheet into this page. You will lose your data! Use something like "Stickies" or some other notetaker, or Notepad, instead. Copy your data into this page, and use it as a calculator and timesheet formatter.


A few caveats about the data format.

  • Do NOT use AM or PM prefixes. These do not matter.
  • The calculator WILL calculate times that straddle noon, like 11:00 - 1:00.
  • The calculator assumes that you don't work more than 12 hours in a row.
  • The calculator WILL assume that a single time, like ":15", means you worked 15 minutes.
  • The calculator is not factoring in the date at all; it is just preserved for aesthetics.

A little bit about this script.

It's written in Javascript, and requires a Netscape 4 or later browser that supports regular expressions. It's pretty much all about regular expressions. There's no PHP or Perl or anything like that involved. The script was written by John Kawakami and is in the public domain.

If you're interested in regexs, check out a refcard at Visibone. I used that page to make this page. (The cards are a good cheap gift for your local webhead.)