Multiple Time Sheets - time tracking, invoicing, recordkeeping webapp

Update: I had some ambitions to make this project more complete, and recode it so it just worked nicer, but never really found the time or motivation. When I use it, I'm basically happy with it. After trying the better commercial solutions, I come back to my own. So you can have it and do with it as you wish.

About MTS

MTS is a PHP web app I use to manage my timesheets, invoicing, and some recordkeeping. It's not intended for multiple users or an "enterprise" -- it's intended for one person working on multiple projects, and juggling multiple time sheets. Progress is slow, and not very steady. The latest addition is a tool to help you write daily status reports, and send them to your clients. Some other new features were promised, but they haven't materialized. Despite this slow pace of development, it's pretty decent at what it does. (I personally use it almost daily.)

There are two versions posted to this page. is the old version. is the new version (obviously).


MTS Demo


  • Timesheets with freeform data entry.
  • Simple to-do list (that doubles as an outliner).
  • Prepares and emails invoices.
  • Prepares and emails daily status reports.
  • Keeps a record of invoices.
  • Regex-like text-linking feature.
  • CSV export.


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MTS version 5
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