Script to Turn IP Camera Uploaded Images into Videos (Unix)

This script combines individual photos into a video, and adds a timestamp to each frame. It's a poor mans security camera video maker.

This assumes that the files are named cam1#########.jpg, or something like that, and stored by directory. It was written for a DLink camera, which works like that. You need to install an ftp server, like vsftpd, to accept uploads from the camera. The script renames the files, and then uses convert and avconv (formerly ffmpeg) which knits the images into a video.

This was run on a 2.? Ghz Celeron with 2 Gigs of RAM. The OS was Ubuntu server kept very lean. It was sometimes running Freenet, but mostly not, because of resource constraints. I'd say that's a reasonable minimum, because if you start to bloat the system too much, you'll start using virtual memory swap, and encoding slows to a crawl.

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