Schelling Segregation with Contrarian Integrationists

viudata created a Schelling Segregation Simulator in processing, and added a third race to it. A third race is interesting, because you can create situations where one group is so small that it forms a bunch of small, disconnected enclaves.

One of the problems I have with the model is that it assumes all people are racists, or racist after a certain critical mass of "others" is no longer present. That's an assumption that doesn't sit well with me. It may be "political correctness", or it might just be my experience - some people don't like being in monocultural environments. So I added a little code to make some fraction of people contrarian.

A contrarian person is an "integrationist", and whenever the other people of his race want to stay put, the contrarian wants to move, and vice versa. The contrarian integrationists are happiest when they are around diversity.

If the racism level is high, and you have around 10% of people as integrationists, you still end up with a lot of segregation. The integrationists end up living in the border areas, creating integrated enclaves. Small black dots in the squares indicate integrationists.

If the racism level is moderate, and 30% of people are integrationists, you end up with a lot of integration, but there are still tendencies to self-segregate.

Interesting. I take these with a grain of salt as to whether they really say anything about urban segregation. For one thing, people are moving a lot more than they do in real life. For another, there are external influences like loans, real estate agents, familiy ties, and even terrorism from the KKK. Another significant thing is how people move into a less diverse area with expectations that things will be different than when they lived in a mixed neighborhood - or vice versa.

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