Checklist of things to do Before Purchasing a SSL Certificate

A short list of things to make purchasing an SSL cert easier.

1. Check your domain registration and make sure the Registrant and Administrative Contact will match the party that will purchase the SSL cert. Just to be safe, make sure the address matches the billing address of the credit card you will use. Changes may take a while, and may require email verification.

2. Decide on which domain name you want to associate with the cert.

3. In the DNS, make sure the IP address of the server matches the domain. Changes may take a day to propagage.

4. Make sure you know how to generate a certificate request (a CSR).

5. Make sure your web server is configured correctly. Use a or self-signed certificate to test.

6. Make sure you can copy data from your web browser up to the server. Best way is to use SSH. You may want to be in a secure chat with the admins over at the web host.

When you purchase the cert, the SSL seller should be comparing your entered information with the WHOIS information. The critical part is the domain, of course, but I suspect it's checking other fields, like name and phone number.

Go through the process of getting a cert. Go to your email and do whatever it takes to push the process forward.