Password Management and Two Factor Authentication: LastPass and Yubikey

LastPass is a password management add-on for web browsers and mobile phones. Yubikey is a 2-factor authentication device that pretends to be a usb keyboard, and types a one-time password when activated. LastPass integrates with Yubikey, protecting your password vault.

The integration is smooth, and I like it, but there's a risk if you lose the Yubikey, or it breaks. One fix is to buy two Yubikeys, and store one in a safe place.

Another possible technique is to install LastPass on a computer, or maybe set up a hard disk or flash drive with a complete system with LastPass, where the computer is trusted to log on to LastPass without the Yubikey.

In the event that the Yubikey is damaged, you would use this backup system to log into LastPass and then disable the Yubikey 2-factor authentication, and re-enable access to your passwords.


LastPass is awesome. I've replaced most of my passwords with random characters, each unique to a single website.


PS - I'm starting to think that the grid 2-factor is better than Yubikey.