Wrote a Short Book on Decluttering, also Sold the Mobo and Bought a Power Supply for the Old Computer

I wrote a short book on decluttering, under my other persona. Decluttering with Craigslist by declutter69. It’s free on December 13, 14, 16, 17. I also have a blog.

The motherboard I was having issues with has been sold, and it’s ready to ship today.

I bought a new power supply and some memory.  I’m back on the old motherboard, and it’s crashed a few times now. I have no idea why, but it’s a bummer, because it was pretty stable in the past.  I hope the G.Skill stick didn’t get  fried.

This memory is really old. I looked up my NewEgg orders, and it was purchased in 2009.  So, this is a 9-year-old memory module.  It’s partner gave up the ghost a few years ago, probably around 2014. This is after nearly daily use.

This motherboard was purchased at the same time as the memory, so I’m on a 9-year-old computer.  That’s freaking amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned a computer this long.  So, thumbs up to Gigabyte.

The power supply was bought in December 2015, which isn’t that long ago, but is kind of long for these cheaper power supplies.  I need to look for a small oscilloscope to test these devices, to see if the power is spiky or pulsating.

The other upgrades to this system were a replacement of the SSD drive, a replacement of the hard drive (and now going to its third replacement), and the addition of a low-end graphics card.  It’s also on its second external backup disk. The cheapest tweaks that gave the greatest performance boost were the SSD and graphics card.

I also, finally, replaced the old case, which was salvaged from a late 1990s era computer, with another used case from the mid 2000s.  It still has the power supply at the top of the case.

When I get this new power supply, I’m going to need to build a computer case out of scrap cardboard and an ATX tray.

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