Update: Sales Slowdown

There was a sales slowdown on ebay. Partly, it’s seasonal – the summer is rough on sales – but the other thing that happened was that I had to clean out the garage of my late father’s hoard. This is taking a lot of work. It’s also far less profitable than reselling. Reselling was going to double monthly for a couple months, and I was looking at renting a storage space. Well, dehoarding is a lot different, and a whole different business model.

Dehoarding paper = selling ephemera. Selling ephemera is mostly “long tail” sales, or sales of unique items that few people want, but someone wants. It differs from clothing sales in that you just need to list a lot more items, and get fewer sales. So 250 listings isn’t enough. I think I’d need thousands of listings to have a viable business.

So I’m starting to make systems and tools to grow. I’ll post these on the github.

You also can’t really research this stuff as easily as clothing. It’s about ideas, so… you go on hunches. It also means I need to spend a lot of time listing dead-end products that are going into the trash. (The only way to get data about views is to list the item.) It’s a bit harder than selling clothes.

If you’re interested, I’m blogging on it over at Declutter69.

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