Note on Migrating from Qmail to Postfix

I got this done (i think):
– scanning old email addresses, forwards, and lists, and reconstructing the email and forwards and aliases for lists on a postfix instance
– a tool to convert ezmlm archives to mailman archives

I’m still working on:
– scripts to copy the data from a backup to the new maildirs, or mailman lists; because the data is large, i have to make the tools resilient to being stopped and restarted, which is a little more work.
– script to turn ezmlm lists into mailman lists
– testing methodology, and testing scripts

Notes on testing:
– I’m going to simulate the entire mail network on a LAN. This will be done by making fake domains like,,, where .lo is a fake top level domain. So each domain is simulated. (The config files are generated by scripts, so it’s easy to use the fake domain.)
– The configuration needs to prevent outgoing mail, so that tests of forwards all end up shunted into a fake email sever. Probably should just disconnect the LAN from the internet. I need a script that would delete the entire outgoing email queue.
– I need scripts to test by sending to an address, seeing that it delivered, and deleting the message.

Note on overall method:
– everything is done by analyzing backups of the mail infrastructure, not the live server
– during the migration, we need to shut down the servers, run a backup, then run the restoration scripts
– we will need to set up a forwarding config on the existing server for a while, as domains will need their mx record changed and propagated

This migration task has been way more complicated than I imagined.


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