Vagrant with WordPress, Provisioned by Ansible

This is a small project that helps you set up a development environment for WordPress, and it’s done with Vagrant and Ansible. Vagrant sets up the virtual machine, and Ansible provisions WordPress and its dependencies. It also brings in a theme, and a child theme that has a development environment.

It’s based on

I’m still in the “oh wow, it works” stage, and playing with it. I need to develop a theme for, so I’ll need to really test this to see that it’s working in the near future.

As with other projects, I have a dev network of virtual machines set up, with a caching proxy to avoid downloading things twice. That’s a pain in the ass to abstract out, so it’s burned in there. One of these days, I’ll get that done right.

I wish I had it together to also set up plugin and theme development with Composer.

A Presentation

A nice presentation not about my setup, but a similar one. It’s very high level and explains what these tools do.

(vagrant wordpress provisioned ansible: 10/15, 9)