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Impact of Fringe Tentative Agreement on Your Income

Base + Taxable Cash 2018 + $500 one-time Bonus*


Base + Taxable Cash 2021


Total Percentage Increase 2018 to 2021

0% On Top of Base Pay

* Does not include value of new paid holiday.


Medical and Dental Inflation: The CEO has estimated health care inflation for 2020 and 2021 based on 10-year averages as follows: Kaiser +3.2%; CAPE plans +5%; Cigna plans +8%; and Safety plans +8%. Dental inflation is assumed to be 8% for 2020 and 2021.

Cost of Living Adjustments: For the purpose of this calculation, the 10/18 pay raise is assumed to be on 1/19; the 10/19 pay raise is assumed to be on 1/20; and the 10/20 pay raise is assumed to be on 1/21. The additional 1% received by SEIU Local 721 member is assumed to be 1/20.