Fixing URLs for Search Engines

In mid 2017, the Google search console showed that a few pages I help manage were falling out of the search engine’s index. I figured it was just a little course correction, and ignored it. A few months later, it got scary.

The decline didn’t seem to be stopping, but it took a while for me to start fixing them. I knew a little bit of Search Engine Optimization, and could get things showing up in Google okay, but I had no idea about how to fix a site. Meanwhile, I was trying to do things that required SEO knowledge I didn’t have.

I was moving over to WordPress – and that killed a lot of URLs – and required doing some manual redirecting to preserve popular links. I was also trying to use web pages to boost the rank of items for sale on Ebay. It seemed to work, but I got little traffic. Things weren’t working. The turning point was reading the book, the Art of SEO. It helped set my mind straight about how to work with Google. I’d been reading a lot of web pages about SEO, but having it in a book, in long form, was a lot quicker to read, and made more sense.

I have been documenting my work. It’s not really detailed or formal.

There are four sites. This one,, which is old, and used to get some traffic, and had some content that got links. The big site, LA Indymedia, which has a lot of inbound links, and tens of thousands of pages. The new sites,, and, which get almost no traffic at all (but seems to help ebay rank nonetheless).

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