TPCalc for Android

A while back, I made a little program called TPCalc to do one of my favorite mundane activities, which is to determine the best price for toilet paper at

Comparison Shopping for Toilet Paper, in multiple computer languages.

It's hard to concentrate when you're tired and cranky, so I wasted some time writing a simple calculator in several different languages.

Random Integers (J2ME)

So, I'm studying J2ME, and for some reason (maybe the wrong version of CLDC?) I can't use random.getNext(n). I can't specify the range of the random number. What a pain.

I wanted to avoid doing floating point math, and fell back on a C trick. To get a random number from 0 to 500:

Novice's Notebook

This is a repository of "novice" articles, written with the intent of driving more traffic to the site, and getting more ad clicks. It's pretty crass, I know, but the information may be very useful.

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