WSGI, PSGI, Rack - learning some new backend stuff

(This is one of those articles I sometimes fear writing, because it reveals a vast gap in my knowledge. I've spend most of the past decade in PHP programming, with numerous forays into other langauges and frameworks, but mostly in the app dev end. I have to deploy my code and that's made me take forays lower into the stack.)

Languages, IMC Keywords, Zend Framework, and Bad Data (random caffeinated thoughts)

I'm getting back to setting up Drupal for LA IMC, but keep hitting little walls. I've decided I definitely want to extract proper nouns and keywords from the articles.

Comparison Shopping for Toilet Paper, in multiple computer languages.

It's hard to concentrate when you're tired and cranky, so I wasted some time writing a simple calculator in several different languages.

Perl Watchdog Script for Apache

This is a rough watchdog script to restart apache on the local machine when the website gets slow. If a GET to the url fails, or takes longer than 60 seconds, the local web server is restarted.

Screen Scraper in Perl to Extract Dates and Times

This is something I wrote to learn some of the latest Perl tech to scrape pages. What's cool about this demo script is that it doesn't use regular expressions that much.

Reading Code with GVIM/VIM and ctags

Vim/GVim has great features to make it easy to read C (and PHP and Perl) code.

Convert Web Pages into Kindle "Books" (Documents)

This script below will accept a URL parameter, download the HTML, convert it to a .mobi file with kindlegen, and copy the file onto your Kindle.

RLIB: report generation engine

Rlib is a report writing engine that takes report specifications in an XML language. It emits reports in several formats including HTML and PDF.

Visit RLIB

I stumbled across RLIB while figuring out how to implement some MS Access report writing features in PHP. MSA users will know what writing a report is, but PHP coders probably don't, so I'll explain.

Turning California WARN PDFs into Text

This was an odd project. Taking several PDFs of layoff data and turning them into text, so they might be used more like a database. This info should be offered up by the state as a database, but it's not (at least it wasn't to me). I ended up using a PDF to Text application to generate text files, then wrote these scripts to scrape the data out of the text. My goal was to dig up all the unionized workplaces.

Move Files into a Directory Named for the Modification Date

This script is being used to move files around in a Maildir. A bunch of spam goes into the "new" directory.

Cheap Mobile RSS Reader

If you're cheap and have a low-end, generic MP3 player that will also display text files, you can read your RSS feeds on it with the help of this script.

Creating a Firewall Log Analysis Tool for a SonicWall DSL Router, Part 2

In the last entry, log lines were being "compressed" by placing them into a database table. There were a few bugs in that code that have been fixed, and features added to the new script, below, that save us from losing some log data. Explanation after the code:

Creating a Firewall Log Analysis Tool for a SonicWall DSL Router, Part 1

Network traffic was growing, and it was getting hard to really "see" what was sucking up the capacity. It could be spam, or YouTube, viruses, hack attempts, or anything.

rss2txt: RSS Headlines Output as Text

This is a script that takes an RSS URL as an argument, and emits the headlines. Potentially useful if you have a small text-reading device that doesn't handle HTML.

#! /usr/bin/perl

Resolve IP Addresses to DNS Names

Sometimes, you have textual data, like log files, with IP addresses. You sometimes want this data to show hostnames instead.

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