Limited Email

I've been working on learning postfix and migrating email accounts to it. The service I'm dreaming about is going to be "limited email" and differs entirely from the big email servers.

Paranoid email about "Anti-Christian" Government

I got on a right-wing PAC's email list, and got this.

Dear Fellow American,
The very troops who defend our religious freedom are at risk of having their own taken away.

Javascript APIs and Libraries Change the Game

I was thinking a bit about the JS co-learning thing, and discovered that services, APIs and libraries really change the game, or have changed the game.

Horizontal Javascript Class

Sketching out a possible class for learning Javascript / learning to learn Javascript / learning to teach Javascript.


Old DVD Loader is not Reading Pressed Disc

After a long afternoon of watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD, the loader stopped reading discs. I thought it was a software issue, so tried a bunch of different things, but this thread seems to say that DVD lasers wear out.

Copying Parts of a DVD with Read Errors

If you have a DVD that you're ripping that has bad sectors, and it's not a commercial one with intentional bad sectors for copy protection, you can try to salvage the files in parts.

Using Mutt to Read Spam and non-Spam Messages, and Train Spamassassin

This explains how to set up your server to go over email messages that have been rejected as spam, and then help train the Spamassassin Bayesian filter to correctly identify these messages.

IBM/Hitachi Deskstar GXP-180

smartctl 5.43 2012-06-30 r3573 [x86_64-linux-3.5.0-27-generic] (local build)
Copyright (C) 2002-12 by Bruce Allen, http://smartmontools.sourceforge...

SMART Commands and Reports for Good and Bad Disks

I'm really not sure where to put this, so it's being put here.

JS localStorage Demo

The attached file is a rudimentary demonstration of persistent local storage in the browser. You can click on it to see the page in action, and do a view source on that page.

Adding a Disk to a Linux System using Command Line Tools

I was faced with installing a new disk on a home server, and while I've done this a hundred times, it seemed to be difficult enough to deserve yet another tutorial, if only for my own reference. It's not hard, but until the new GNOME GUI tools were developed, it was a kind of complex process. (It's complex on all Unixes, for some reason. BSD is even more difficult than Linux.)

Bypass a Password with a Proxy

This is a one-line trick to serve images from a password-protected webcam to the world.

curl -i http://admin:@ | nc -lCt localhost 10203

Zend Framework 2 Service Managers. Why?

I’m a ZF noob and was noticing that ZF OOP relies heavily on service managers rather than instantiating classes directly. This article explores why things are set up that way.

Dependency Injection

It seems like very PHP ZF2 blog has an article about Dependency Injection, so here's mine. I hope it's clear, or at least helps corroborate what you're reading on other sites.

Altering Some Resistors Changes One NVidia Card to Another One (and this explains the Linux driver situation)

This article explains how to hack an NVidia card to make it act like a better model. The hack is basically to modify the identification of the card, so the driver unlocks a feature to enable multiple screens. Now, allofasudden, I understand why the NVidia drivers for Linux are closed source: if they offered open source drivers, they would invariably enable all the features to all the cards.

The point of the closed source drivers isn't to provide the best performance (though they usually do that because they are probably better written than the open source ones) but to allow NVidia to disable features to the cheaper card, despite the fact the cheaper card can perform exactly like the more expensive card.

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