Windows: Migrate Files to a New Server, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2003

This is probably not the "best practice" but it's what I'm doing lately to migrate files between servers, desktops, etc. MS has a tool that uses DFS to migrate data and maintain UNC paths, but, whenever I see systems that map paths to physical data on Windows, I worry.

ZyXEL ZyWALL USG-50 - Backing Up the Configuration

The usg-50 has a pretty flexible system for saving configurations. From the Maintenance:File Manager:Configuration File screen, you manage your configuration files.

HP V1910 - Backing Up the Configuration

The V1910 switch requires that all configurations be saved, or they'll be lost after a power cycle. I'm sure all users learn this pretty quickly after spending time configuring a switch, and assuming that it was saved into the switch's nvram. They unplug the switch, move it, and then discover all their work is lost.

Netgear GS108T - Saving the Configuration

The 108T doesn't seem to have a regular upload and download screen. Instead, it can save the configuration to a TFTP server. Talk about weird.

Vanishing Window Managers? LOL

I think Windows sucks, but one thing is for sure - the windows are there.

Testing VLAN isolation

You need two computers. On each set up network connections in Network Manager with IP addresses in the 192.168.1.* range.

Some Network Design Principles and Conventions

Different admins have different conventions. Here are a list of the ones I'm going to use:

A Small Large Network: USG-50, GS108T, HP 1910

The networking workbench.


This inexpensive SOHO/Small biz router has a simple and pretty feature-rich implementation of vlan routing.

Netgear GS108T-200

I'm going to trash what little networking cred I have by stating that I like this unit, the Netgear GS108T switch. It's a ProSafe, managed switch. It cost $125 or so after tax, which is kind of expensive for a small switch nowadays.

Upset About Acer Recovery Disks, I Found a Lame Solution

I have been helping someone recover from some reckless Windows usage. You know the situation: lots of colorful apps that want you to pay for registration, and a bunch of random viruses.

Microsoft Server 2012 Licensing Humor

It's only funny in a SMH way.

More Impressions of the ZyXEL ZyWALL USG-50

I've finally started to work on the network because, while things are heating up at work, I'm mostly on-call for the next week. I have some time on my hands to experiment.

FEC on WiFi... sure... but on disks?

[Security Now has commented on the original article (which I f

Disk Usage on My Windows 7 PC

Windows - 26.1GB
Program Files (x86) - 8.16GB
Program Files - 2.37GB
Users\myusername\AppData - 106GB

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