RIP Slaptech Framework

Slaptech framework was a PHP 4 based framework that never got released into the public, that we built to do projects.

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

The latest Ubuntu comes with drivers for the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual devices. Installing it is pretty simple.

Download the Ubuntu Server ISO.

Warning: Part of this document are obsolete for larger disks. A short report on a failure.

I recently had a RAID5 array fail, and learned something about backup: it's not just about the data, but also the recovery time.

Almost Done with Refinishing (part of) my Mother's Kitchen

I'm almost done refinishing my mother's kitchen. This blog details some of the work, some problems, and some of the solutions.


Vegetarian Tacos Recipe

I was looking for recipes, and really looking for a represntation of what I make myself, and didn't find it. There was all kinds of stuff, but my recipe tastes Mexican to me.

Control Ingress (incoming) bandwidth... with Bittorrent and others

I wanted to download a file, but we just got this awesome high speed fiber optic internet...

RAID 5 Reliability is Worse than RAID 1 Reliability, and it gets worse...

It was just kind of intuitive to me that adding more disks to a RAID 5 array would increase the opportunities for failure, but it never occurred to me that going from 3 disks to 4 disks nearly doubled your chance of failure, but it does. It also didn't occur to me that RAID 1 is significantly more reliable than RAID 5.

Ubuntu Server Installation Notes for Partitioning a 2 Disk System to Boot From a RAID 1 Device

This note explains how to install Ubuntu Linux Server on a computer with two hard disks, with RAID 1, so it boots from the array. The entire installation, including partitioning and RAID administration, is done through the installer, and doesn't really require any access to the commands. (This is a work in progress, and we don't have screenshots yet.)

The Value of Practice

Nothing beats practice. No amount of reading documentation and theory will teach as much as that same material combined with a system to play on. A good tutorial is even better.

Great Format for Instructions (Setting up UCSPI-TLS on Qmail)

This instructional page I just worked through about setting up UCSPI-TLS with Qmail was really good. It has all the steps, and they're numbered and indented. I just think it's a great format for "howto"s, because if you're discussing it with someone else, you can refer to a specific step.

Got Semi-Scammed by Discount SSL Vendor Comodo with "PositiveSSL CA 2"

(Just to be fair, I think the SSL cert business is a scam, so there.)

Installing XCP-XAPI on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS

(I'm still setting up my system.)

Supermicro Server Keeps Booting after 5 Minutes

I got this snazzy used Supermicro server, and after I set it up to run SSH, and I started to configure it, it started to reboot every five minutes.

Parity in Computer Data, What is It?

Parity, in computer data, is a bit that's set or unset so the total number of bits is either even or odd. It's an extra bit, and it's added as a check on the data.

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