Minimal P3 Debian System

I got Debian to run on a very small 128MB laptop with a Pentium III processor. It's running Transmission bittorrent client, which is nice.

Branch Predication

I was reading about make, and came across a paragraph about branch predication and Konrad Zuse, who I'd never heard of. Fascinating.

Class Autoloading, Namespaces, PSR-0 and Acting Like Java

One of the surprises of ZF2 is that the preamble to the code looks like this:

namespace Album\Model;

use Zend\InputFilter\Factory as InputFactory;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilter;

Conditional IF statements in DOS batch files (BAT) and a little GOTO

DOS batch files are usually very simple, but it's possible to include some logic. The CMD.EXE language is pretty limited, but it works.

Cannot copy file. The parameter is incorrect.

What this probably means is you're trying to copy a file larger than 2 gigabytes. The 2GB limit on FAT32 is affecting you. The two formats to consider are NTFS and ExFAT.

Font Creators Getting Paid (Maybe?)

Typeface designers have been some of the most screwed-over artists of the modern age. Not only aren't their faces patented or copyrighted, they generally don't earn that much money. I remember reading some articles in Serif, and getting the distinct impression that they were basically working class artists. It's an elegant job, sure, but so is playing in a chamber orchestra, and just as not-lucrative. They're only a few yards short of being the cholo who writes letters, placas and tattoos for the local gangsters.

Deliverability Blues 2013

We recently had a rash of spam sending due to someone finding, guessing, or leaking a user's password. Sometimes, it just requires that, not some security breach. Well, we didn't catch it and stop it in time, and now we're suffering some deliverability problems ranging from slowdowns to outright blocking by some servers.

Sign in sheet website

I spent way too much time tonight putting together a sign-in sheet website, called, generically enough Sign-in Sheet.

Computer Professional Overtime Exemption

Under US labor rules, some computer programmers are exempt from overtime laws. There is considerable misunderstanding about this law. I'm not an expert, or even novice, about this law, but am compiling this page as a resource for study and to increase understanding. Corrections to johnk-at-riceball-dot-com are appreciated. If you would like to network and get on a mailing list about this issue, please write to that address as well.

SeeClickFix didn't fix

I put up a couple complaints on SeeClickFix back in late 2009, and left the most fixable one up, and it still hadn't been fixed in late 2012 when I moved away. What's the deal? SCF boasts that 125,000 issues have been fixed, but it seems like some issues get fixed, while other issues don't. Broken curbs in a working class neighborhood do not.

In the time I lived there, I saw residents fix the curbs twice - once was (probably illegal) modification to smooth over a cut so they could drive over it, and another to just have a curb. I don't recall seeing a City of LA crew fixing the sidewalks.

In contrast, reports of potholes to the City of LA's website were fixed in a week or two.

Gmail Delay Problem with STARTTLS and Exim4, and a Quick Fix

I've been bitten by this Gmail STARTTLS problem, oh, at least twice, maybe more. Deliverability is affected; says there's a delay. This time, it was at work, where I have a server to accept incoming mail. We use EXIM4.

Directory Listing Tricks and Tips for Unix (ls, tree)

I learned a new command: tree.

% tree Album
├── config
├── src
│   └── Album
│       ├── Controller
│       ├── Form
│       └── Model
└── view
    └── album

The difference between pets and meat, in Java

enum Pet {

enum Meat {

class animals {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

Debian and Ubuntu style /etc/network/interfaces with a Static IP Address

This is easy to find anywhere, and it's here too. This one includes the dns-* lines that will be read by resolvconf(8).

root@server:/etc/network# cat interfaces

Migrate to a New Server for Exim4 + Spamassassin + ClamAV

I've done this three times now, and it's pretty simple. If you're using a VM environment, 1GB RAM and 5GB of disk are enough.

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