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Umeboshi is a pickeld apricot that's popular in Japan and increasingly in America. Most people have seen a tiny red thing in their bento-box that's extremely salty. That's umeboshi. However, the kind you make for yourself is different. For one, there's no red food coloring, and it's larger and more fleshy and gooey.

Broadband Constituency: Seniors?

I know the Net Neutrality people on either side don't consider older folks part of the information revolution (despite the fact that all the early inventors of it are now of retirement age), but seniors are directly impacted by high prices for wireless, landlines, and DSL. A bits-is-bits model would help make telecom cheaper for seniors. With these cuts to Medicare and Social Security the Republicans want...

One of the Best Bits in Tron (1982)

This is one of my favorite parts of Tron, when Ram and Flynn are in jail and talking about their past lives before they were turned into computer-world gladiators.

Intel Motherboard Computer Crashes Without BSOD

We got these new computers at work, and for some reason, mine was crashing.

Type and Social Context (Eric Gill's "Gill Sans")

I just read a long ass post about why graphic artists shouldn't stretch type or slant a face. "no duh" as we used to say in school.

Arial vs. Helvetica Test

Ironic Sans has a fun quiz where you try to identify which font is Arial, and which one is Helvetica.

MS Access to KML Data Dump

Here's a script that helps to export KML files for Google Earth from Access tables. The idea is that you create a query with columns named "Latitude" and "Longitude" and any other columns you need. Open that query, and pass the recordset to this dumper. You also specify a file name, and a list of columns to use for the name and definition fields.

Drupal Updated (and a few bugs)

What a pain in the ass. Drupal updates look so slick when they work, but when they fail, it's a nightmare. I ended up reverting to a backup and doing it by the book (which seems to matter a lot), and lost a few posts. Oh well. They were mostly programming posts so the code's around somewhere, and probably slightly improved, and may end up on here again.

Amazon Associates Political BS

So I'm an inactive Amazon Associate (that's the term for their affiliate program) and I get this email from Amazon.

How to Register Trademarks, Cheap

I've only done this once, but, it was easier than expected. You don't need to pay a service hundreds of dollars to do this.

It costs $325 for the one trademark, but the costs can rise if your mark is used in different contexts. If you use the online forms and are well-prepared, you can save some money and get it done for $275.

This article is intended for ultra-small-time operators and microbusinesses that have more ideas than money, experience, or connections (or attorneys).

Craigslist Independent Contractor Jobs and Employee Status

Recently, I saw an ad on Craigslist that described a job, and stated that they would not accept telecommuters, all work was on-site, and "independent contractor." This ad might have been illegal, because there are laws about what defines an independent contractor and what defines an employee. Small businesses that misclassify workers can get an unfriendly visit from the tax man.

Telephone Number Normalizers: fix phone numbers into a common format

It's common to get a list of names and phone numbers in a spreadsheet or from the web, and the formatting varies. In the US, people don't use a standard formatting consistently. Lately, they have taken to making phone numbers look like domain names or ip addresses, example: 415.555.1212. This function normalizes phone numbers to look like this: 213-555-1212 x1234. The code's structured so multiple regexes are used to perform the matching, allowing for easier modification of the code. (This code was written in Excel, but should work in any VBA application.)

OMFG - the future of software, in Javascript, Xopus

Xopus is an XML editor, written in Javascript and HTML5. It's not just JS, but it's licensed software for your desktop. I'm blown away. This is Google Docs, Angry Birds, Yahoo Pipes level blown away. Check it out.

PHP Runs an Old Version of PCRE Causing Problems with Drupal and MediaWiki

This seems to happen a lot - and it took several searches and many pages of reading to find the solution. This page will try to even the odds a little more.

Windows Remote Desktop on Windows 7, Speeding Up Slow Performance

If Windows 7 seems much slower, try changing the theme. Click the Start Menu, then type "theme". The option to change the theme should appear. Click on it.

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