Compu-Wasted in LA

(I’m not an expert in this.) Here’s some info about the computer junk universe.

History of the "Bowl"

In the past few years, there have been an explosion of "bowl" meals at different fast food restaurants.

Another Lame Patent War: Phone Number Tapping

Apple busted HTC on a patent for a tech called "data tapping".

Making the Tumblr "Well" Layouts with CSS

So I was puzzling over how to make the "Well" style layout in Tumblr without Javascript.

PNG Colors are Wrong in Firefox (and how to deal with non-sRGB wide gamut monitors at work)

I created a PNG that was bright red, but in Firefox, it is a duller red. The fix was to remove the color profile from the PNG by using the tool TweakPNG.

Windows Event Log Filter to Get a List of Crashes Without Dr. Watson or BSOD

I am having a problem with crashing computers, and need to get a record of crashes. This filter finds all the "unexpected shudown" events.

Haskell Name Game

Main> nameGame "alonzo"
"alonzo, alonzo bo blonzo bonana fanna fo flonzo fee fy mo mlonzo, alonzo"
Main> nameGame "haskell"
"haskell, haskell bo baskell bonana fanna fo faskell fee fy mo maskell, haskell"
LOLz. Here's some real beginner-level source code for a version of the "Name Game". The Name Game was a song from way back. It's silly.
Sources after the jump.

Formatting Mobile HTML Email

While writing a template for spam, I learned the following about mobile email formatting.

Make Meme/LOLCats Text with the GIMP

This tutorial explains how to make the "LOLCats" or "Meme" font so popular with the kids today.

Reused a Variable Name

I accidentally reused the variable name $count twice in a function.

WordPress: Exporting Articles into WordPress Extended RSS (WXR)

This is an example template file that will export articles from your bespoke CMS to and XML file that WordPress version 3.5 will import.

Haskell Learning Notes

A couple years ago I tried to learn Haskell and dropped the study. I'm not sure what happened, but it's really hard to find a solid block of time to study it.

Strike Network Postmortem

I'm publishing this to help other software developers who write applications to support community actions. The article was originally written on November 2, 2011.

Character Set Conversion from Latin-1 ISO-8859-1 cp1252 to UTF-8

I swiped this code from

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