C Virgin Again (allocate objects on the stack)

It's been so long since I've done any C programming that I feel "Like A Virgin" in C, touched for the very first time.

How to use Tags or Ctags to Browser Code with Vim

This is a short tutorial about using ctags (or exuberant ctags) to work with the vim editor to give you a great code browser.

WS Printing from HP Printers - more blues...

I had a pretty good experience getting a Canon WiFi photo printer installed via WS Printing, the feature in Windows that allows printer sharing without a Windows computer sharing the printer.

AirPrint Support (Sucks)

This article is now obsolete. See comments.

We've got a bunch of iPhones and one iPad user in the office, and they've wanted to print a few times. It seemed useful, so I read up about AirPrint, and we set up CUPS to serve AirPrint and send output to some HP printers (this is via a Linux server). The whole setup was too complex, so I wanted to get an office printer that supported AirPrint. It turned out that support for AirPrint sucks.

Long Delay in Receiving Email from Gmail

A party trying to send me an email via gmail got this error:

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem 
Date: Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 12:50 PM

Templating with DOM

DOMTemplate is a new templating system that doesn't use any markup.

MS Access:Can't Add New Record to Subform

A subform we were entering data into stopped working. One day it was working, the next, it was not. The problem turned out to be the datasource; the underlying query started with "select distinct".

Quicker Reinstall of Windows (Vista, on an HP 530)

The specific computer probably doesn't matter, but it's listed there for deniability. The basic idea is to load up the service packs, and then do the online updates. This ends up saving a lot of time, so your computer can be ready in a day.

USB Booting System for Clonezilla SE, Diskless PC

(This article is good, but somewhat obsolete. I'm now doing something slightly different.)

This mini project took a USB hard drive, made it bootable, and then used it as a disk cloning network. It's worked very well.

__Affiliate Ad Links: Domain Names

You can support this website by using this affiliate ad link. It's the only one so far, but maybe more will be added.

Namecheap Domain Names. I'm using them because they donated a little (and I mean a little for the scale of their business) money to the EFF. Fair prices. Also, I was getting upset about the antics of GoDaddy's CEO, and not liking their sexist ads. They were interesting at first, but got old. Also, there was a boycott of Arizona in LA - which the City kind of flaked on - but the state of AZ passed an immigration control law that would result in racial profiling of brown, and potentially yellow people. GoDaddy is in Arizona.

MSAccess: VBA CRC32 Function

Here's a CRC32 function based on the work at: cCRC32.

No More "Arabic" Numbers: American Numbers from Now Onward

I've been reading about the War on Terror and the potentially pernicious effects of Islam on western civilization and America, and have come to agree that we must purge our culture of this foreign inf

Sharing Slightly Older Printers with Windows 7 on a 32 Bit Windows Server 2003 Network: Driver Not Found

We have this somewhat old HP 2430 printer, which isn't really that old, but it's old enough that there are different drivers for XP/2000 and Windows 7 x64, and Win7 users are supposed to use in-OS or

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