Jennifer Lynn Aaker on Social Media (good talk)

This is a good 10 minute presentation about how to use social media. I got it from a podcast I listen to.


Takeaway points:

Effective social media campaign:

* single focus

* tell compelling story
* design for collaboration
* corporate structure for the campaign
* distributed organizing kits as templates for action

Then i thought about it and listened to it again. She's not telling a complete story. The talk doesn't really discuss the other aspects:

* targeted ethnic group, South Asian (mostly Indians presumably)
- which is very much on the internet
- because it's a mostly middle class immigrant group
- many on H1B technical visas, so it’s an urban community distributed across
the big cities
* lack of group participation in medical registries for donors, because registry didn’t exist
* preexisting similar org as a model (Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches)
* institutionalization of the registry to carry on work
- institutionalization might contribute to desire to volunteer
* parallel qualities between allowing yourself to be tracked via social media, and being tracked by a bone marrow registry
* construction of peer pressure through social media

But it’s still a convincing presentation.