Gora Hotel, Hakone National Park

An excerpt from On the Edge by Bill L. Disbrow, writing about the Gora Hotel during the occupation of Japan:

In the meantime, Fay and Sherry arrived with the Cadillac Convertible on the MATS ship. It landed at Yokohama at the 2nd medium port. It was a great day since I had not seen them for 5 months. I left in April 1948 and they got there in September 1948 just in time for my Birthday, what a nice present.

There was no housing for them on the base so they were billeted at the Gora Hotel in Hakone National Park. It was about 50 miles from Tachikawa. I got leave to meet them in Yokohama and get the Cadillac off the ship. It seems the Cad did not come on the same ship so a staff car drove us from Yokohama to the Gora Hotel at Hakone. When we got there it was quite impressive. It was a nice modern Japanese Hotel that the occupation had taken over for the Officers dependent housing. We got a very large room on the third floor. It was very nice and lots of glass all around. I think there must have been at least 50 dependents living there so everyone had a great time.


Since there was no base housing yet I commuted every Friday after work to the Gorah Hotel and started back every Saturday evening late. I stayed in the BOQ during the week. All the husbands with wives at the Gorah Hotel did the same thing, until they got base quarters. In the meantime the wives were living it up going on sightseeing tours and seeing all the local sights. This being in a National Park there was lots of places to go and see. Then when the husbands got there on the weekend it was party time. They always had a live band on weekends for dancing. We had a great time. If it had been closer we would have never left.


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