Slavoj Zizek to Jacques Lacan Morph

Once again, another morph. This time from the popular Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek to the guy he studies, French philosopher Jacques Lacan. This one is almost right, but moving the hand from the cheek to the chin was impossible for me.

It seems like it requires an intermediate frame where the hand is on the jaw. Right now, all the black area on the right side of the image must zip over to the left, so the hand can move in.

The hair, nose, eyes and mouth came out nicely. Even ears came out okay, which is surprising, because in the first image, there's only one ear. The change in technique was to create some areas that acted like "zippers", where half the points go one way, and half go the other way, to "open up" and display the ear (or whatver).

Also, some fixes to the background got rid of some colors fading out. Seeing the crossfade ruins the effect. There's a lot of crossfading on the hand.

Zizek photo is by M Kubik. Lacan painting is by Pablo Secca. Both found at Wikimedia Commons.

zizeklacan.ogv534.43 KB