Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Having never owned a webcam, it's hard to judge this one. My previous webcams were video digitizers connected to camcorders, which generally produce really great results.

This webcam has a few nice features. The mic is good - it rejects noise and echo better than regular mics. It also adjusts the brightness to compensate for low-light conditions. It looks pretty good in poor light.

It works on Linux, with a V4L2 driver!

V4L2 can control the camera's gain, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness. It's best to limit these effects. Cut the gain, lower the saturation, use just a little brightness, and moderate the contrast.

The image quality seems good. It's hard to tell. This has a "Zeiss" lens, which I assume is glass and implies that it's pretty clean.

You can't really know if "Zeiss" is going to be good or bad. For example, the Sony digital cameras often have Zeiss lenses but the cameras don't seem that good. The Panasonic Lumix line have Zeiss lenses and seem really nice. Unfortunately, Zeiss is somewhat meaningless now, which is too bad, because I have a midcentury Zeiss Ikon camera that takes nice photos.

Overall, this Logitech seems really nice, but I don't think the Zeiss lens is really doing much for it. It's only a webcam.