Gentrification Perspective

I was researching gentrification, and came up on a ton of interesting articles, but this one was particularly interesting because it's from someone who identifies with the displaced.

Brown Kingdom

He sites the origin of gentrification in the decline of locally owned business. True enough, I suppose, but even locally owned businesses tend to spawn remotely owned ones, over time, when the second generations of owners move away to fancier areas, and sell out to ever-larger entities.

The blog is good, with a lot of interesting historical information and opinion.

Also, search around for the UC Berkeley entry to some contest that an urban planning univ. had. The goal was to bring the Boyle Heights area closer to "Downtown" by surmounting the LA River. They did it with a very "green" artificial park that runs over the river. What a joke. Why not accept that the river will always separate the two areas, and that all rivers will separate land masses. When LA was young, the river separated the Spanish from the Native Americans, and today, it will protect BH from Downtown, somewhat.

(If there's anything to surmount, it's the 5 freeway.)