Looking at Kindle Unlimited (part of Amazon Prime)

I started looking into Kindle Unlimited (KU), a $10 a month borrowing library for Kindle e-books, for tutorials on some subjects I'm studying, and also as a possible publishing platform for articles. What I found is a market that, for readers, is somewhat non-functional.

I looked at 21 books. (Really, it's a little more, but I wasn't paying attention early on.) Of these, I found 7 writer worth reading, and 13 writers to avoid. That's nearly a 2:1 ratio of bad writers to "good" writers.

By "bad" I mean that their books were poorly formatted, didn't contain the information the title implied, or were so poorly written (and not edited) that they were a hindrance to learning. I don't mean that they were just mediocre books. They were garbage, published on KU to get some revenues from page views, by baiting readers to download the book based on the title. These are, in my opinion, frauds.

On the flipside, there were 7 good writers, and I've read through six of their books, so far. These were all worth reading. Some were great cover-to-cover, and some were partially good, but if you are reading the material quickly, they aren't a waste of time.

The standouts for me, so far, are Paul Chubb, John Lynn, and Ryan Flores.

Here's the list of authors I liked: Jesse Smith, Nigel Chapman, John Lynn, Dane Cameron, Paul Chubb, Istvan Novak, Ryan Flores

You can see my reviews at my Amazon profile.

The current payout is less than 1/2c per page, so their books are doing around 25 cents to $1.50 for every complete read. That's actually not too bad.