Notes on migrating to a contemporary javascript development environment

I'm writing this after writing the first two notes in this series about migrating sf-active-js to a contemporary Javascript development environment.

I wrote the original experiment a couple years ago. It's a JS client that retrieves some json data from the server, and displays it. I ran out of time, and didn't finish it then.

Upon revisiting the code, I found it a little confusing. It was around 800 lines of jQuery-style JS.

Since I needed to get up to speed on JS tooling, I decided that, in addition to learning what I needed for work, which was Angular talking to a Django Rest Framework API, I'd refactor this sf-active-js code, and add missing functionality.

This way, I could learn the system piece by piece.

Additionally, in learning to get the Angular dev going, I hit walls. Integrating D3.js, running the DRF server and testing it, and other problems happened. Prior to this project, I had only played with Grunt, running the tests that the system gave me, but really not understanding the system. Without some basic understanding of the tooling, and without knowing how it affects coding, I wasn't going to be able to understand the solutions.

The notes are incomplete, but maybe they'll help someone.

Before embarking on this, I read a lot of docs and played with a lot of tools. Some notes about it are here.