Dusting Off Coroutines

Coroutines are back! They never really left, but, it looks like different languages are adding native support for coroutines.

Javascript Functions and Closures for Private Properties

A JavaScript Module Pattern is a fantastic example of how to use closures.

Javascript Closures has more detailed information.

Douglas Crockford brought the style over to JS, and his site has a lot of important articles about Javascript hacking (as a functional language).

Watt From Pedro Show

Mike Watt, punk pioneer, of the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Madonnabees, Banyan, and a bunch of things I didn't catch, has a really good podcast show called The Watt From Pedro Show. From San Pedro.

A Few Historical Opponents to the Patent System

Computerists are aware of the Open Source, and Free Software engineering and political tendencies. They may also be aware of the resistance to patents on algorithms and software. However, I and others were unaware of the long legacy of historical skepticism toward patents.

How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

This is the best riceball video I've ever seen. The recipe is at the end of the video.

They also have an awesome oden video. I don't really like oden, but theirs looks so amazing that I want to eat it all up.

Life Hack: How to Avoid Late Fees on Your Credit Card and Save Money

Credit card late payment fees suck. They suck out $25 to $35 from your wallet every time you forget to mail in the payment. Here's how to avoid the fees. Also, if you're in debt, this will help you get out of debt and start saving!

MS Access: Address Cleanup Macros

Here are some Excel macros that help to clean up data. Once cleaned, it's easier to remove duplicates. (I used these to de-dupe a list exported from Outlook.)

Included is a rough version of MS Access' Nz() function.

Public Sub SimplifyEmails()
    ' This subroutine scans a column, turning emails in this form:
    '   Joe Blow (joe@company.com)
    ' Into this form:
    '   joe@company.com

    Dim Rng As Range
    Set Rng = Application.Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, _
    Col = Rng.Column
    N = 0

Aspergers Quiz

Aspergers Quiz is a test that measures how Asperger-ish you might be. I got 36, but it was probably influenced by reading an article about the Aspergers Syndrome.

Guilds, Patents, and Cottage Industry

Here are three interrelated Wikipedia articles that gave me something to think about.


Another Cheap Thumb Gallery Maker

One thing about scripting is that, sometimes, a little fragment of code will get used over and over, and it's not a full-featured app. This script just looks over a directory full of specially named files, and produce a "photo gallery" for it.

Hundreds of these scripts have been modified to do all kinds of cool things, but this one doesn't do any of those things. The script just gets copied into a directory, and it produces an index of images.

Scripts like this won't ever die. They won't get replaced by more elaborate scripts.

MS Access: Inserting Records with Visual Basic and DAO

This example shows you how to add records with VBA and DAO instead of with SQL queries.

MS Access: Display A Subreport Even When There Are No Records

Seems like a lot of people are having a problem because Access automatically hides a subreport if it contains no records.

MS Access, Outlook: recording bounced email addresses

This is a subroutine that will scan your Outlook inbox or a subfolder of inbox named "Bounces", and copy bounced email addresses to a MS Access database.

It will then join the table of bad addresses to another table (of people, presumably) and null out the bad addresses, so you won't send to them again.

Pee Commerce

I got into a discussion about fertilizing with human manure, and defended the practice, mainly because my grandmother did it.

MS Access: Me.Dirty = False; Forcing a Form to Update a Record

How do you get a form to update its associated record, programmatically?

Me.Dirty = False

What the heck? Why isn't there a call like Me.UpdateRecord()?

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