PHPList Tweak for Plain Text Version of HTML Mail

This small alteration to the PHPList code will produce better line breaks.


  $text = preg_replace("/<\/p\s*?>/i","<\/p>\n\n",$text);

Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Having never owned a webcam, it's hard to judge this one. My previous webcams were video digitizers connected to camcorders, which generally produce really great results.

Los Angeles County Zip Codes

Zip 	City
90001	Los Angeles
90002	Los Angeles
90003	Los Angeles
90004	Los Angeles
90005	Los Angeles
90006	Los Angeles
90007	Los Angeles
90008	Los Angeles
90010	Los Angeles
90011	Los Angeles
90012	Los Angeles
90013	Los Angeles
90014	Los Angeles
90015	Los Angeles
90016	Los Angeles
90017	Los Angeles
90018	Los Angeles
90019	Los Angeles
90020	Los Angeles
90021	Los Angeles
90022	Los Angeles
90023	Los Angeles
90024	Los Angeles
90025	Los Angeles
90026	Los Angeles
90027	Los Angeles
90028	Los Angeles
90029	Los Angeles
90031	Los Angeles
90032	Los Angeles

MS Access: Automatically Jumping to the Only Record that Matches

Many years back, just before web pages got popular, I remember that some programs sent you as close as possible to your desired data whenever you searched. If you typed a search term, and only one record matched, you'd be taken to that record.

I have been using an Access db at work that doesn't have this feature. It's kind of a pain, because when you search, you sometimes get results that are one record, or no records at all. Below is code that will take you straight to the record if you type in a search term that's specific enough.

Keyword Analysis or Discovery (a first try)

I was messing around with some textual analysis, trying to figure out how to do a "related articles" feature in Drupal.

Testing for Hack Scripts, Scan Your Uploads

This was ripped from a patch I made to ZenCart to deal with malicious uploads. It was stripped from a class, and it should probably be worked into pretty much any uploader class. (The class is in upload.php)

It doesn't handle binary files, but it's good with scripts.

Strip Non-Numeric Characters from Data

This Javascript widget strips non-numeric characters from the input. The result will be a space-separated list of numbers.

FreeDOS Boot USB Flash Memory Stick

If you don't have Windows around anymore, and you need to flash your BIOS, you need to figure out a way to make a bootable floppy.

If you don't have a floppy, you can make a bootable CD.

Backup Book

e-book for sale

I took some of the content and ideas from this online backup book and compiled it into a much simpler book called Backups, sold on Amazon Kindle

Calculating the Best Price for Toilet Paper

Bathroom tissue is expensive, and everyone needs to pinch their pennies when they pinch off a loaf. Cell phone calculators don't have enough precision to calculate the per-unit cost of toilet paper. They also lack parentheses to do some necessary grouping to calculate:


Solution is below the fold.

Convert Text to HTML PHP Function

How many times has this wheel been reinvented? According to Google searches, not enough - because I couldn't find a good one. Over the years, I've built this wheel a few times, so, here goes again. This is a lot better than the stock nl2br() function.

The attached code and test files show it off, and only a description follows.

Kindle Tricks (Linux)

An Amazon press release said that they sold more Kindle books than paper books. That might be true, but, they probably included the thousands of books being sold for free, or a few dollars. There are numerous public domain books "for sale" on Kindle. I downloaded several dozen.

Here are a few Amazon Kindle tricks.

Screen Scraping With wget (and Mailarchiva)

I was testing a new product called Mailarchiva, and I misunderstood the instructions. The upshot was that a mailbox full of messages was moved into Mailarchiva, and I wanted to restore them to the mailbox.

Soldering (How to Solder Electronics)

Sometimes, you'll find that a plug's come a little loose, or it operates right only when the plug's being pushed in one direction.

Cisco Console Terminal Cables

After doing some research on the subject, I was totally confused about Cisco terminal cables. These are just regular serial cables, with with all kinds of weird "cisco-y" features. The big tutorials on the web really confuse the issue by trying to cover every possible type of cable.

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