It's All Beeps: How a PBX Works with a Voicemail (VMX) System

I'm reading an Avaya (Lucent) manual about Avaya and Duvoice DV2000 integration. Being a phone novice, I don't really grasp how these technologies integrated. I assumed there was some kind of computer network between the voicemail and pbx.

That assumption was totally wrong.

VirtualBox OSE: can't find kernel driver, run modprobe vboxdrv

I got a message to run modprobe vboxdrv, but didn't seem to have the vboxdrv driver.

Japanese American Interment During World War 2

I've been learning that people don't know about this event in American history. It was a significant event, and it's easy to study thanks to extensive documentation and tireless efforts of activists to uncover the information. Links after the jump.

Convert Web Pages into Kindle "Books" (Documents)

This script below will accept a URL parameter, download the HTML, convert it to a .mobi file with kindlegen, and copy the file onto your Kindle.

The "Impossible" Dream: Formatting Email So It Looks the Same on All the Clients and Browsers

I was having lots of problems with HTML email layouts. After doing some research, I came up with a method to get almost pixel-perfect positioning and sizing. It's not that hard.

[This page is over five years old and needs some updating, but the general rules apply: you need to use a subset of HTML and CSS, and target only the most popular email clients, and try to stick with standard HTML and CSS when possible.]

Search and Replace in a MySQL Database after Moving a Site with WGET

Sometimes you need to move your old website off of a CMS, or at least archive it, and the only way is to use WGET to mirror the website. Wget downloads entire websites, turning dynamic sites into static sites. The following command would download the site

wget -H, '--restrict-file-name=windows' -A gif,jpg,html,tcl -np --convert-links --html-extension -rx

Medion Laptop Power Socket Repair

The power socket broke due to age, being bumped around, and so forth. To inspect it, I took the computer apart, storing the screws in a little plastic bag. I measured the socket, identified all its pins, and searched for parts on Mouser, DigiKey, and Jameco. None had it.

So, I figured a possible fix would be to purchase an adapter or plug with a barrel connector, and cut it off. I went to ITC and found an adapter cord that fit, and it cost < $3. Cheap.

Slavoj Zizek to Jacques Lacan Morph

Once again, another morph. This time from the popular Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek to the guy he studies, French philosopher Jacques Lacan. This one is almost right, but moving the hand from the cheek to the chin was impossible for me.

Thom Yorke to David Byrne Morph

I didn't mention a couple posts back about the command to combine the output of JavaMorph into a movie:

ffmpeg -f image2 -i %03d.jpg
You run that command inside the output directory.

Here's my latest morph, showing Thom Yorke of Radiohead morphing into David Byrne of Talking Heads. It would have been even better if it was Radiohead from around Kid A morphing into Talking Heads circa Remain in Light.

Bob Dylan Morph

Here's another morph, similar to the last one. I'm learning how to set the points. There are a lot of errors, still, but a few things have improved, like the fact that the background doesn't just fade away. The background almost morphs correctly. The shirt doesn't work at all. This is definitely violating someone's copyright. Going forward, I'll use only Wikimedia Commons images.

Open Source Morph and Video Editing

Here's a video (viewable on Firefox) in Ogg Theora video format. It was created with JavaMorph, a FOSS morphing program, and PiTiVi, a simple video editor. The morpher made the transition, and Pitivi was used to add the stills at either end of the video.

Living turkey morphs into a cooked turkey dinner.

Building Computers from Parts Rocks

I was just thinking about computers I've owned, and six came out of boxes, ready to run. An Atari 800, and Atari 1040 ST, a Mac Quadra 660 (I think), a Mac iBook, a Mini Mac, and a Compaq budget PC. The rest were bought used, found in the trash, built from parts, or were kits or kit-like (barebones kits that took disks). I'm not sure how many computers I've owned, total. Probably between 20 and 30.

Loop Faster

nzakas has a great presentation about speeding up Javascript loops but it applies to any language that uses C-like loop structures.

ProFTPd MySQL configuration tips

Setting up ProFTPd with MySQL isn't "hard" per-se, but the most popular tutorial at Khoosys is kind of complex. has users, groups, quotas, and a lot of accounting.  So the tables are numerous and there are a lot of queries involved.

Caching Data for AJAX with Javascript

Here's a way to cache data on the client side, via javascript. This was tested on Firefox 3.6.3 on Ubuntu.

The idea is to convert your data into Javascript, and then load it with the SCRIPT tag. You then use the Expires HTTP header to tell the client how long to cache the data. Finally, you use some Javascript code to display the data.

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