Adding a Disk to a Linux System using Command Line Tools

I was faced with installing a new disk on a home server, and while I've done this a hundred times, it seemed to be difficult enough to deserve yet another tutorial, if only for my own reference. It's not hard, but until the new GNOME GUI tools were developed, it was a kind of complex process. (It's complex on all Unixes, for some reason. BSD is even more difficult than Linux.)

Serve a Stream from a Webcam by Bypassing a Password with a Proxy

This is a one-line trick to serve images from a password-protected webcam to the world.

curl -i http://admin:@ | nc -lCt localhost 10203

My webcam doesn't have a password, but it could. What this does is use curl to get the stream, and then use nc to serve it to a client.

Cloning Many Windows 8 Laptops

Clonezilla's now playing a little catch-up with the latest laptops, which feature UEFI boot and Windows 8, which requires UEFI boot. Mainly, it'll tell you that what you think will work, can work, if you know how to deal with UEFI.

This is a followup to Cloning Many Windows 7 Computers Quickly.

Photo Wall that Scrolls Forever Loading New Photos at Bottom

I was reading the code at and learned how to do this "scrolling forever wall" effect. It's clever.

Class Autoloading, Namespaces, PSR-0 and Acting Like Java

One of the surprises of ZF2 is that the preamble to the code looks like this:

namespace Album\Model;

use Zend\InputFilter\Factory as InputFactory;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilter;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterAwareInterface;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterInterface;

That's an awful lot like Java:

package illustration;

import java.awt.*;

The slight difference is that "namespace" and "use" are more like Perl lingo. "Package" and "import" hint at the existence of a compiler and linker.

Conditional IF statements in DOS batch files (BAT) and a little GOTO

DOS batch files are usually very simple, but it's possible to include some logic. The CMD.EXE language is pretty limited, but it works.

Cannot copy file. The parameter is incorrect.

What this probably means is you're trying to copy a file larger than 2 gigabytes. The 2GB limit on FAT32 is affecting you. The two formats to consider are NTFS and ExFAT.

Deliverability Blues 2013

We recently had a rash of spam sending due to someone finding, guessing, or leaking a user's password. Sometimes, it just requires that, not some security breach. Well, we didn't catch it and stop it in time, and now we're suffering some deliverability problems ranging from slowdowns to outright blocking by some servers.

Sign in sheet website

I spent way too much time tonight putting together a sign-in sheet website, called, generically enough Sign-in Sheet.

Computer Professional Overtime Exemption

Under US labor rules, some computer programmers are exempt from overtime laws. There is considerable misunderstanding about this law. I'm not an expert, or even novice, about this law, but am compiling this page as a resource for study and to increase understanding. Corrections to johnk-at-riceball-dot-com are appreciated. If you would like to network and get on a mailing list about this issue, please write to that address as well.

Gmail Delay Problem with STARTTLS and Exim4, and a Quick Fix

I've been bitten by this Gmail STARTTLS problem, oh, at least twice, maybe more. Deliverability is affected; says there's a delay. This time, it was at work, where I have a server to accept incoming mail. We use EXIM4.

Debian and Ubuntu Networking Configuration /etc/network/interfaces with a Static IP Address

This is easy to find anywhere, and it's here too. This one includes the dns-* lines that will be read by resolvconf(8).

root@server:/etc/network# cat interfaces
# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Migrate to a New Server for Exim4 + Spamassassin + ClamAV

I've done this three times now, and it's pretty simple. If you're using a VM environment, 1GB RAM and 5GB of disk are enough.

An Outlook Script to Save Spam for Training Spamassassin

On the spamassassin box, set up Samba and create two shares spamassassin-spam and spamassassin-ham. I created them in /home/Spamassassin/

TeraStation 2: adding usb hard disks for backups

We got one of these at work years ago as a backup unit, and it's been working well. Exactly one disk error in years and it fixed itself, basically. However, as disks age you know they are going to fail, taking your data with it. So the only fix is to proactively replace them, and also run backups. I thought that it would be easy to add a backup disk, because there are USB ports on the terastation. That was not the case.

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