Vegetarian Tacos Recipe

I was looking for recipes, and really looking for a represntation of what I make myself, and didn't find it. There was all kinds of stuff, but my recipe tastes Mexican to me.

The main fake meat is Reynaldo's soy chorizo. It has enough spice so that you don't need to add more.

In a skillet, add a little oil and use it to cook up something bland, like diced potatos, cubed tofu, or diced squash.

As it cooks up, add the chorizo. Stir it up until the chorizo starts to caramelize and brown.

Chop onions and cilantro together. Chop up a tomato. Mince a jalapeno chile, removing seeds if you don't want heat. Chop iceberg lettuce coarsely.

Heat up a few corn tortillas in a bag in the micro, or heat them on the range directly. That's my current preference. An alternative is to dip it into oil and fry it on a griddle until it's soft.

Make tacos with the fake meat and bits of each vegetable to taste.

Drizzle with some red sauce or avocado sauce to taste. This is really important, so get good sauce or make your own.