Using Muriatic Acid (Pool Acid) to Clean the Toilet

We're in full drought mode in LA, and that means we follow the eleventh comandment: if it's yellow, let it mellow, and if it's brown, flush it down.

Unfortunately, that's meant the urine was adding its color to the lime deposits in the bottom of my toilet. The brown stains aren't rust - they are biological wastes that get stuck in the jagged surfaces of the lime. Urine seems to bond particularly well with the lime.

Normally, I'd turn to CLR, but ran out of it, so went to the hardware store to find some pool acid. Pool acid is muriatic acid that's used to reduce the pH of the water. It's also used to clean the lime deposits off the tiles that line the edge of the pool.

The stuff is cheap. Two gallons cost $11, while much higher than it was a few years ago, is still affordable.

The acid sold at the store is at a 29% concentration, which is strong enough to hurt you. It's important not to breathe the fumes, and to add only a cup or so to the water in the bowl. Don't do any weird crap like pouring it into the tank, or trying to get it into the bowl at full strength.

Pour in half a cup to one cup directly from the bottle. Don't measure it out. Just pour a little in. The acid is heavy and falls to the bottom. Get a toilet brush and swish it around a bit to blend it some more. You can swab the calcified ring around the bowl, too. There's no need to get vigorous or put any energy into it.

Just swish it around and scrub gently. The acid will break up the lime deposits, and the water will become brown and cloudy with particles of crud. One treatment may be enough.

If the acid seems to stop working after a while, it's probably exhausted. Flush the toilet, and wait for the bowl to fill up again. If there's still some staining, add another half cup of acid, and repeat. This time, it should clean up everything, and the bowl should start shining.

As a final step, flush again and use the water to rinse remaining acid off of the surfaces and brush.

Here's another person who has done this. Don't copy him.!topic/