I got the ezmlm migration working, which is cool. Mailman and mail migration will be easier. So I took a day off. (Web migration will be a headache.)

I missed Dev Week. That was a big bummer. I need to get out more. I spent some time fixing up the wiring for the phone lines here. It's unbelievable. There's a cable that goes from the jack to the phone wires, but the wrong pair were connected.

The IMC js mobile web app has been a learning experience. It's coming along. I'm understanding why those heavy js libraries to do slow-as-syrup guis are popular. It's a pain to code all that stuff by hand.

I need to work out the calendar event dumps. We need ics files and then aggregate them into a json file to hold all the upcoming events.

The features also need to be done. The hardest thing is settling on URLs for the dump files. I'm flipflopping between making a directory for all the files, or separate ones for each type (features and events). Rooted is probably best.

A publishing feature is also promised. It's kind of hard. I'm thinking there should be a markdown editor. Also need a way to upload photos. The mobile version should be simplified. The desktop version should support drag-n-drop.

I'm also dreaming of a markdown editor with a bibliography feature.