Metro PCS contract, and an opt-out letter to preserve your right to a court trial.

I was getting an annoying update of the Metro PCS contract, and ended up reading it. Attached is a marked-up contract with interesting parts highlighted. The plain contract is available on their website - this is highlighted as a kind of commentary.

The most irritating part is where the company forces you into arbitration, and then into relinquishing a trial by jury. While I'm not that opposed to arbitration, it is not nice to give up the right to be seen in court.

Additionally, they put a section in there that if you don't opt out, you cannot participate in a class action against the company. That's pretty clever of them, because, now, the number of people who can participate in a class action drops to almost zero, excepting weird people like me who opt out. (I wonder if this is legal? <a href="">It is</a>.)

Also, in California, at this time, you can't waive your right to a trial by jury. PDF of the highlighted contract, and an opt out template letter are attached. I'm not a lawyer, and this isn't legal advice. Use the letter at your own risk.

Here's a related site: <a href="">Fair Contracts</a>

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