Making Turkey Lard

The above is a picture of a small jar full of turkey fat (mixed with other fats). It was collected from the top layer of a pot of turkey broth. It's a thrifty/frugal way to get the most from your holiday dinner. The fat can be used instead of oil or butter.

The scum and fat was skimmed from the broth, and then passed through a coffee filter. The filter got soaked with fat, and then dripped fat into a cup. The fat kept around half the broth out. The filter kept all the scum out.

The fat was then transferred to this jar, and an eyedropper-type turkey baster was used to suck the broth out the bottom, leaving us with mostly fat. You can also use a tall, narrow cup to separate out the fat and broth.

A little broth remains at the bottom. You can suck that out, too, but, I didn't.

As an added bonus, if you bother to separate rendered fat, it's a lot easier to wash your dishes. All the "grease" has been removed.

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