A funny RAID 1 failure factoid: you will fail more

A funny thing about RAID 1 disk mirroring, is that if you implement it on your computer, you're more likely to experience a failure. The trade off is that the failure won't be catastrophic.

Think about it. If you have two disks, you double the chances that you'll experience one of the disks failing.

Fortunately, due to the RAID mirroring, that failure probably won't have any serious impact, because you have two copies of all your data.

Additionally, there's an little bit of additional risk because the data is written twice - there's a tiny extra moment when the two disks are out of sync. If you suffer a power outage during this time, you may need to rebuild the RAID array.

So, as a user, you may experience RAID as an increase in the number of failures -- but none of these will be catastrophic. So keep using RAID.

(This does not apply to RAID 0, aka striping. RAID 0 doubles you risk of failure, and after there's a failure, you will lose your data - so don't use RAID 0.)