File naming convention with dates

The file naming convention I use starts the name with a date: YYMMDD-file-name.ext

If I'm making revisions, I add initials and revision numbers separated by a dot or a dash: YYMMDD-file-name-x.ext or YYMMDD-file-name.x.ext

Similar conventions are used for folder names.

Though the system adds modification times, I still put the date into my file name, because the system's time and date can be lost. If a file is emailed, the creation date can be lost. Putting the date in the filename helps retain this extra data.

Using the date in the filename also helps when with the naming. Typically, I'm working on things for other organizations or people (for money), so I can name a file with the date and the other party's name. As new files are created, I don't have to invent new file names.

If there are multiple projects, just add the project name. The date assures that there's no need to invent new names all the time.