A Depressing Realization about Tutorials on the Web

I love the people who write tutorials (and fixes) on the web. I owe the vast community of writers so much, because they've taught me so much. It's the reason why I write these short notes, to be found by search engines, to help someone in a small jam.

However, I'm starting to notice something a little odd. I was reading Angular + Django and similar Angular tutorials. They elide or ignore the issue of uploading files. I used to think it was because uploading was trivial - but, experience has shown to me that uploading is a subtle architectural issue when it comes to the contemporary WWW.

You can upload binary files, or www-multipart-encoded, or use other encodings. They can upload with forms, or upload independently of other objects, and then the metadata can be saved along with other object data.

It's messy. We're in a transitional phase, I think. The problem with tutorials is that they sometimes don't dig into the problems. Instead, they gloss over it or ignore it. It could be that they have a poor reason for it -- it makes the author look less competent, and makes the tutorial harder.

I hope this doesn't become a known trend or habit.