What Kind of Monitor Should You Use? sRGB, Adobe RGB, the new wider Adobe RGB, or what?

I was looking for monitors and got into the whole color thing. Here's my summary of findings.

If you're targeting print, you need to spend time finding a good monitor that has a wide color gamut (range of colors it can display). The cheapest you're going to find is something like a $710 NEC. Most are larger monitors that cost more than $1000.

If you're targeting the web, it's best to seek out sRGB-oriented monitors. These monitors will never be good for print. The better ones use IPS tech, which is just a kind of LCD shutter system that delivers better color. They cost a couple hundred dollars or so more than traditional LCDs. Dell has some cheap ones. NEC and HP also have relatively cheap ones (sub $700 range). The latter are better regarded.

If you get a monitor for working on print, and tune it for print, and set up your entire workflow for print - it's not going to be easy to reset everything back to sRGB to do web work. For amateurs and web-centered people, it's best to stick with sRGB, and hand off sRGB profiled work to someone doing print work.

Another way to describe the situation is to think of the camera and printers as "color rich" devices. The monitor is a generally "color poor" environment. So your work, viewed on the (color managed) computer, is really working on a proxy of the more vibrant input and output.

When you originate material on the computer, with the sRGB profile - you're outputs will be compressed to emit correctly on the output device: bummer. You can't really originate better than what your monitor can display, at least not easily, if you're painting pixels.

So, if you're generally outputting to the web, you should forget about printing entirely. The screen is your output. Your goal has to be to control the screen.

A pretty good CRT is better than a pretty good LCD. You just can't find them anymore.