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My review will be a lot shorter: Dropbox. Explanations below.

I've been using Dropbox, OneCloud, and Google Drive for a few months, in anticipation of adopting one for work. Well, the verdict is in, Dropbox. Why?

Google Drive has two big problems. Sometimes, it fails to log on. Not sure why, but it doesn't keep trying. This is a big problem when your organization has a bunch of novices. Not only should all clients try to log on - if they fail to log on, the admin should be notified. (None seem to do that.)

[Getting logged in is critical - not only for the obvious reason, but because file syncing is hard. If two clients (two different PCs or devices) edit a file offline, then connect, there's going to be a conflict at the server (the website). The server has to resolve this - usually by renaming the two files and forcing the user to choose one. The best way to avoid this problem is to stay logged on, so the files are always being synced across all devices.]

The other two logged on fine. So, Drive was out of the running.

Also, Drive has this kind of annoying thing with shared folders. If I delete a shared folder from the Drive web app, it doesn't get deleted from my folders immediately. I don't know if it ever does, because I delete it manually. That's annoying.

OneCloud works better. It logs on. Deletion happens reasonably quickly. However, there's an ancillary problem with it, and it's Microsoft and When you want to share it with someone, you have to put them through the process of getting a account, which, if things don't go just right, can be hellish. I feel almost "guilty" when I have to put someone through that.

When a product is relying on network effects, the "network" part has to be painless or even pleasant. With MSFT, it's not.

So, that leaves Dropbox.

Dropbox also works on Linux, which matters to me.

Dropbox has a big problem with syncing if you don't log on frequently. It'll consider the entire folder unsynced, and then start syncing everything. It's the prudent thing to do, but it'll kill your internet connection. Also, moving files seems to work a little weird when this is also happening. So, it's important to log on all the time.

PS. iCloud. LOL. No. They don't believe in "files".

PPS. Crossplatform file naming is a headache, especially between Unix and Windows. Clobbering files are a headache. You get both with all the filesync platforms.