Camera Photopools on Flickr

I went to the Roaring Aughts event featuring photographer Slobodan Dimitrov, and, in addition to enjoying the photo show, got to hear a lot of discussion about cameras that was way over my head. It was heavy gearhead talk.

It got me thinking about a Zeiss that I learned on a few years ago, because it took nice photos. I want a nicer camera with a decent lens. The Lumix 3 was really appealing. I also looked up Zeiss lenses, and I found out there's a camera similar to the Lumix called the Ricoh GR 2 that also takes nice pictures. I also saw some medium format cheapies on ebay, and thought about going that direction.

It was all getting pretty confusing, so I tried to find some picture samples. Lo and behold, it turned out there are photopools on Flickr devoted to brands or specific models of camera. Staring at a slideshow for similar cameras and lenses turns out to be an easy way to learn a lot about them. Here are some links to camera photopools:

Rolleiflex pool

Mamiya Love pool

Zeiss pool (it's about lenses, not cameras)

Seagull TLR

Nikon D40

Canon DLSR

Panasonic Lumix

Sony Cybershot

It's pretty clear that the two medium format film cameras kick the digital cameras' asses. The Rollei is better than the Mamiya, or has more talented owners.