Backup Tapes

Backup tapes are a popular backup medium, but recently has become more expensive than disk. It's cheaper to use hard disks for backup.

Backup tapes have some advantages. They are smaller than disks, so you can pack more into a box, and send it to an archival location. Usually, backup tapes are stored in a cool, dry room. They are more durable, in that a shock to the backup tape won't cause failure, whereas disks may have a head-crash.

There are many different types of backup tapes, ranging from the old 9mm, serpentine, the Travan, and the DAT. The main backup tapes out there are 4mm that are used with DAT drives.

Enterprises (meaning businesses with scale and money) still buy backup tapes.

Consumers (meaning everyone else) has moved on to disk-based backups. Backup tapes cost more per megabyte than disks, unbelievably.

I guess there are a lot of enterprises overpaying for their data.