Backup to Floppy

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Backing data up to floppy went out with the 1990s. Hardly any computers have floppy disk drives anymore.

That's why it's important to gather your floppy disk based backups and move the data onto a hard disk.

When you do this, you'll be shocked at how much data's been lost to floppy disk degredation.

You may need to clean your floppy disk drive heads if you are a smoker. If you can't find one of those cleaning disks, you can fake it by taking a floppy disk that you aren't going to need and pouring a little alcohol on both sides of the disk. Pop it in for three or four seconds while the disks slide across the surface, then pop it out. The risk here is that the diskette will shed material before the heads get cleaned - so use a new diskette.

Floppy disks are still useful for doing system installations or restorations, so you still see them on some back-office systems.