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Backup Book

e-book for sale

I took some of the content and ideas from this online backup book and compiled it into a much simpler book called Backups, sold on Amazon Kindle It's in the "Kindle Unlimited" program at this time, so Amazon Prime subscribers can borrow a copy for free.

I'll also be sending notifications about "Free Days" when this book, or any other computer book, is free to subscribers of the computer books mailing list here.

This book covers only the basics, and doesn't get too technical. It's beginner level and managerial level content about how to think about backups. Here is the table of contents:

    If You Don't Backup Your Laptop, do it now.
        How to Use Windows Backup.
        How to Perform Mac Backups, Using Time Machine.
        Performing Backups on Linux Ubuntu Gnome.
        Congratulations! You now have a backup.
    Backups Are Not Optional.
    1 What are Plain Old Backups?
        How to Recover when your laptop or desktop computer fails.
        How to prepare for when your laptop is stolen.
        How to Recover when your computer's hard disk crashes.
        RAID is not a Backup!
        How to Recover when you accidentally delete a file.
        To go back in time, you need Incremental Backups.
        What if you need to retrieve an old version of a file.
        What to do if you are affected by ransomware.
    2 How to Get Protection from Less Likely Disasters.
        Your office burns up.
        Note that this backup advice doesn't cover Local Area Networks.
        How to recover from a serious earthquake or flood.
        I have to admit that I don't have a remote backup.
    3 How to Backup Phones.
        Your phone is stolen.
        Your phone is destroyed.
    4 How to Back Up Databases.
        You need to recover some lost record in a database.
        You need to recover a completely damaged database.
    5 Sometimes, there's not enough time to perform a backup.
        The Problem with Full Backups and Disk and Network Speeds.
        The Problem with Internet Backups.
    6 Some Odds and Ends About Backups.
        What about Bookmark Backups?
        Most People Forget about Network Configuration Backups.
        Web Email Backups.
        Password Management to Back Up Passwords.
        How to Backup Photos On Cameras.
    7 Conclusions: backups are complicated.

The Old Backup Book

This online book is fairly obsolete.

This online book is going to be revised and sold as a short ebook. Some of the content here is obsolete, and a few articles relevant to backups have been moved here. Also, see The Zyxel post for examples of backing up network configurations.

How to Backup is a free online mini-book explaining basic ideas about how to backup your network, backup technologies, and backup strategies to keep your systems online, and your data available.

How to Backup is a simple read. It doesn't get too theoretical. It doesn't cover enterprise backup - it's for small businesses and home offices.

You think you know what a backup is, but, do you really?

What is backup?

A backup is a copy of your data.

A backup is an archived copy of your old data.

A backup is a system that can be used to deliver your data, if the primary system fails.

A backup is a system that keeps operating, transparently, even if part of the system fails. It's fault-tolerant.

A backup lets you recover from bad data, quickly.

A backup with frequent incremental backups lets you undo a huge run of bad data.

A backup is a part of a system that costs less than the entire system, that allows nearly all people to keep working in the event of an equipment or data failure.

Links to variations on this booklet

How to Backup the Network at Home


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