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No Wonder My PulseAudio Stopped Working

The microphone stopped working on my computer. Based on my reading, the problem, I think, is that I'm using an older motherboard from around 2010s, an add-on card that does TV, and Ubuntu with PulseAudio. The mic input on the sound card just stopped appearing in PulseAudio.

It's still visible in ALSA.

I think PulseAudio selects devices to show based on their names... and the device just didn't get a proper name.

The fix is probably to use a USB headset, because that introduces a new sound card into the system, and it probably has the right name.

Of course, this isn't necessarily going to work. The linked debugging page introduced a tool called codecgraph that creates a visualization of your computer's audio inputs and outputs. Here's mine:

Right click and look at it in full size.

codecs.svg121.3 KB


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